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Commercial and Residential Lawn Mower Services in Calgary

When you have planned and designed your dream property with an attractive landscape, make sure to retain it throughout the year. Maintenance of grass plays an important role in landscaping. Do this easily using a lawn mower in Calgary for your commercial and residential properties. At Brothers Two Small Engines Inc., you can get high-quality lawn mowers for your property. We offer a full range of lawn mower sales and services.


How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower?


Among the different kinds of lawn mowers, some of the common types are cylinder mowers and rotary mowers.


The blades in cylinder mowers whirl around horizontally to trim the grass. On the other hand, the rotary mowers have blades that revolve vertically. Before choosing a lawn mower, make sure you check whether the engine of the lawn mower is in the front or back. Mowers with rear engines provide better visibility and you can maneuver it the way you want.


If you want to cut the edges or if you want to keep your lawn perfect and do a meticulous job, certain tools such as edge trimmers and shears are available.


Here are some advantages of owning a lawn mower:

  • Keeps your lawn healthy and attractive. As one of the main purposes of lawn moving is to enhance the aesthetics of a property, this will be achieved with great results with the help of a mower.
  • You can expect uniformity and consistency in grass height.
  • Lawn mowing facilitates good health of the grass as it receives equal sun and water.
  • You can control pests as there will be no room for accumulation of unwanted waste or debris.


Use quality lawn mowers in Calgary and keep your landscape in good shape all year long. Brothers Two Small Engines Inc. will be happy to serve you with all your lawn mowing needs. Call us today if you need more details. Learn what our previous customers had to say about our workmanship in our testimonials.

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