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Brothers Two Small Engines Inc.

Where Great Customer Service Still Exists

Dear Jim,

Thought I would send you this brief note thanking you for your professional service during this past year. Since becoming our service depot for Biggs and Shatton, we have had absolutely no customer complaints on your service depot, a far cry from last year when we were with another repair depot. Thanks to you and your staff for an excellent year.


Kim J.

Canadian Tire

To whom it may concern,

Over the past approximately five years, Viking Fire Suppression Ltd. has dealt repeatedly with Brothers Two under extreme pressure. Even then, they do their utmost to provide us with prompt and courteous service.

It's our intention, now and in the future, to continue to employ their services.

Yours truly,

Stan D.
Shop Forman
Vikingng Fire Suppresion Ltd.

Dear Linda,

Thank you for your donation of labour to our historical Society for the servicing of the track drills. Your help was greatly appreciated. We will now be able to facilitate the construction and maintenance of our track.

The Little Creek Historical Society mandate is to acquire and restore rail cars from the 1940s to the 1970s and make them available to the general public for viewing, appreciation, and education.

The program of studies offered at our facility includes a variety of Arts and Science courses. Over six hundred students per year visit our centre that is located in the central Alberta area, near Sundre. We welcome guests from the Edmonton area, and as far south as Lethbridge. We are a not-for-profit group registered as a historical society with the province of Alberta.


Danto M.

The Little Historical Society

To whom it may concern,

Brothers Two has provided Home Depot with excellent service on all products that they are authorized to service for us. There are many store associates that are very pleased in our dealings, as well as myself, and other department managers who also use their services (chainsaws, compressors). It would be of a great benefit if we could utilize Brothers Two to service lawnboy mowers etc. We feel confident with the quality of service and professional attitude that they have displayed.

Department Manager

Home Depot

To whom it may concern,

I would like to express to the management and staff of your firm my satisfaction with your company. In the past, I have brought my tractor in for repairs at inoperative times for you and for me. Your friendly, competent staff remedied the problem and got me back in operation in a reasonable time period and for this I am grateful.

I would not hesitate referring anyone to your firm as you folks have always been more than professional with me. I look forward to continuing my services with your firm and wish to thank you for all your help and service.

Yours truly,

Mo G.
Soft Wind Ranch

Dear Mr. Mann:

On July 30, I got tired of attempting to trim the overgrown vegetation behind my house with an electric weed trimmer. I decided to purchase a gas-powered weed trimmer and thought I would have a look in your store, for the first time. I was impressed with both the variety of goods offered for sale and with the attitude and knowledge of your sales staff. I purchased a McCulloch Eager Beaver vegetation trimmer.

Upon getting my new trimmer home, I read all of its instructions and proceeded to assemble it. I carefully mixed the gas and oil and started it up. When attempting to cut some grass like vegetation I was disappointed with the unit's power and decided that the air fuel mixture was incorrect.

Satisfied Customer

On August 2, I called your store and was informed that I should take my new trimmer to an established called Brothers Two to have it tuned up under warranty. I, therefore, called Brother's Two and was informed that they would gladly service the trimmer but unfortunately were not an authorized service depot for the unit I purchased. They informed me that I should take it to a business called Jed's Equipment.

I telephoned Jed's Equipment and was told that I had the wrong branch and to call the shop at 4323 - 1st Street SE. When I called that shop they told me that, yes, they were the authorized warranty service depot for the unit I purchased but that adjusting the fuel air mixture on my new unit would not be covered by the warranty. They wanted $24.00 to turn a couple of screws on a machine that was fresh out of its box.

Since I did not like the attitude of Jed's Equipment, I decided I would phone Brothers Two again to see what they would charge to tune the unit. After telling them my story, they asked me to bring it down to their shop. They said that they would tune it for me at no charge and that they would work out their recovery with Aikenhead's even though they were not the authorized warranty service depot. I took my unit down to Brothers Two that day and received the fastest, most efficient and most courteous service that I have had the pleasure of receiving in a very long time.

As an owner of a business involved in a service industry, I am very aware of the importance of the level of service provided by not only the selling organization but also by the supporting service organizations. If it had not been for the professional attitude taken by the people at Brothers Two, I would have been extremely disappointed with my first encounter with your organization. I likely would not have returned to your organization again.Brothers Two saved me a lot of time and frustration, gained a new loyal customer and re-established my faith in your organization.


Michael A. C., B. C., C.A.

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