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Buy Chainsaws from Us in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Chainsaws are an integral tool used for cutting applications in the landscaping industry. Having a good quality chainsaw ensures a safe and secure tree felling, pruning, harvesting of woodfire and even curbing firebreaks in wildfire suppression.

When planning to buy chainsaws in Calgary or surrounding areas, it is essential you select a saw that caters to your use. If you are in need of one, Brothers Two Small Engines Inc. has got just the solutions you would need. We will help you select models from top brands after you provide us with specifics on what exactly it is you want to do. Being in the industry of selling power equipment, we know the ins and outs of distinct equipment parts required for rendering a perfect commercial landscaping project. Our team also repairs equipment like jumping jacks, rollers, water pumps, rock saws, insulating machines in trucks and more. 

Visit us at our store or call our team of professionals today if you need more information on our product brands. 

Helpful Tips for Chainsaw Maintenance

Listed below are some tips that would come in handy for the maintenance of your saws:

Regularly Clean Your Saws
Using a chainsaw frequently means getting in contact with an exponential amount of debris. As and when you keep using it, the saw is likely to attract sawdust and tree saps to its blades. If you want this equipment to last long, it is essential you keep cleaning it on a regular basis. 

Hone the Blades
An unsharpened chainsaw is as good as a broken pencil. This is why one of the primary activities in frequent saw maintenance involves sharpening its blades consistently. One way you can notice the wearing of the blades is if, when using, the saw churns out sawdust instead of saw chips. If you are unsure how to hone your equipment's blades, call upon professionals to help you out.

Oiling your motorized power equipment is another important factor in ensuring its prolonged life. If your chainsaw is not well lubricated, the chains and blades would not rotate as fast as they should. So, it is crucial you frequently use the right oil to ensure your chainsaw lasts long.

Refilling New Gas

If not used frequently, there are high chances that the gas present inside your chainsaw will break down and require repairs. Chainsaws running old gas can cause problems with their carburetors, eventually leading to improper functionality. It is therefore advisable to fill gas sufficient to complete the job or better yet run a stabilizer or an alkyd fuel in your machine for worry free starting.

Trouble Finding the Right Chainsaw?

With the skilled team at Brothers Two Small Engines Inc., you can put your hassles of finding the perfect chainsaw for your applications. 

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