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Trustworthy Generator Sales and Repairs in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Generators are an essential component that one cannot miss mentioning when talking about power equipment. This highly efficient power equipment can provide instant power almost anywhere. Be it for residential or commercial purposes, generators have the capacity of offering a virtually unlimited amount of energy. 

Depending on the type of generator you select, be it portable or a standard one for your home, they may or may not require fuel, and deliver high-quality power while not harming your electronic appliances. 

Brothers Two Small Engines Inc. offers reliable and trustworthy generator sales and repair services for your power equipment requirements in Calgary and its surrounding areas. To give you the highest possible level of satisfaction, we only sell products available from top brands so you can have a sound sleep at night, knowing you will never run out of power.

If you wish to buy a portable generator or want your residential generator repaired, make the right decision to call us here at  Brothers Two Small Engines Inc. 

Understanding the Power Rating of a Portable Generator

Portable generators primarily have two types of power ratings. These are:

Continuous Power (Running Watts: 700)
Continuous power rating, also known as running watts, is generally the rating a generator produces while it is constantly running. 

Maximum Power (Starting Watts: 2,200)
Maximum power rating, also known as starting watts, on the other hand, is the rating that defines what a generator can produce for a short period of time to help rev up motorized electrical appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners. 

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Home & Play - Generators

Generators are the perfect tool for backing your homes, powering remote campsites and generating energy for construction sites with a  tremendous amount of power, without much effort.

These beasts can backup your home, power a campsite as well as a house without breaking a sweat.

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Ran out of Power?

With our professional repair services for generators in Calgary and surrounding areas, you don't have to worry about unexpected power cuts.

We Are a Factory Authorized Repair Depot For

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